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Instagram Deep Dive Pt.2

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Second installment of discovering some new hip hop through jumping into Instagram.

1. Nems @nems_fyl

Track that put me onto Nems: Highly Favorable

The more I dug into Nems, the more I remember him from his earlier battle days and early records. It was Highly Favorable that really got me back digging into Nems as an emcee. Nems has a deep discography that consists of his newest release "Congo" and a few series such as "Skinny Nems," "Planet of the Apes," and "Fuck Your...."

2. David May @itsdavidmay

Track that put me onto David May: Life Debts

An EP from 2014 "Video 94," and a handful of singles including the newest release "Life Debts" that features Fashawn.

3. Kahlee @kahlee310

Track that put me onto Kahlee: Devil's a Lie

San Diego artist, Gardena Native has been busy with his weekly releases on Barsweekly, available on youtube, as well as a podcast (SDStateofMind), and his newest release "Blind to the Facts EP". Other albums include of "The Seed," "Reblessed," and "Man of Many Hats."

4. Tobe Nwigwe @tobenwigwe

Track that put me onto Tobe Nwigwe: Rap City, Big Tiggers Freestyle

Houston Emcee hailing from Alief, TX has a modest following and a deep discography that includes his most recent release in his originials series "Cincoriginals." Other albums to check out would include "Pandemic," "Tobe From the Swat," as well as the other four instalments from the Originals series.

5. fb boochie @fbboochie

Track that put me onto FB Boochie: 29 Freestyle

FB Boochie has dropped two albums this year, "Return on Investment" and "Playtime Over." Boochie also released an album "Pandemic Pressure" in 2020.

6. DayOne @shedayone

Track that put me onto DayOne: Lauryn Hill - Ready or Not Freestyle

DayOne has released two projects this year, an album "Loading" as well as an EP "Chapter 25." DayOnes Instagram and Youtube also includes a variety of freestyles and covers.

7. Rimzee @therealrimzee

Track that put me onto Rimzee: "Expensive Pain"

Rimzee is an emcee from Upper Clapton, Hackney. Romzee's most recent album is from 2020 "Upper Clapton Dream 2" but has recently released a single "Expensive Pain." "Upper Clapton Dream 2" is the followup to "Upper Clapton Dream" that was released in 2012.

8. Versailles the everything @versaillestheeverything

Track that put me onto Versailles the Everything : "The Way we Are" by Phora

Versailles the Everything has a collection of videos on Youtube as well as some singles on Spotify such as "Boombap Politics," "Talk to Me," and "Bird Cages."

9. Chris Jones @chrisjones4104

Track that put me onto Chris Dior Jones: "Laurelton"

Chris Dior Jones most recent release is a 6 track EP titled "Emotionally Unavailable." This is the followup to the EP released earlier this year "Wasted Talent."

10. Marco Plus @itsmarcoplus

Track that put me onto Marco Plus: Goddamn

Marco Plus is on fire with dropping a large amount of content in 2021, 3 albums; "Tha Souf Got Sum 2 Say," "Sparco" and "Plus 2."

Part 3 coming soon. None of these artist recommendations come solicited.

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