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Instagram Deep Dive Pt.3

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Third installment of discovering some new hip hop through jumping into Instagram.

1. Viva Mescal @vivamescal

Track that put me onto Viva Mescal: My Love for This

Viva Mescal is an emcee, Engineer and Producer hailing from Boyle Heights, CA. His most recent release is Ballad of El Huero and Long Live: The Peyote in 2019

2. Nico Indigo @nicoindigod

Track that put me onto Nico Indigo: Everything (Instagram video)

Nico has a few singles on Spotify and a few tracks on Youtube. I enjoy the vibe and delivery and looking forward to a full length project in the future.

3. Royal Rosss @royalrossss

Track that put me onto Royal Rosss: No L's

Royal Ross dropped a handful of singles this year an EP titled Back Against the Wall. He also has three albums on Spotify as well; Student of the Year and Fashionably Late both from 2020 and Royal Resurrection from 2019.

4. Roqy Tyraid @roqytyraid

Track that put me onto Roqy Tyraid: Tyraid Tuesday No. 8

Arizona emcee released a few singles this year and has three albums available of Spotify; Outbreak (2019), An LP Has No Name (2017) and The Dichotomy of Roqy Tyraid (2015).

5. Preach @Preach140

Track that put me onto Preach: Redeemer

Preach has released a bunch of singles this year and some features on Real's "6:25 EP" and album from 2018 Sunday Service.

6. Awday @AwdayP

Track that put me onto Awday P: 1AM

Awday P dropped a few singles this year following 2 EPS in 2020; Quarantine De Creme and Eye. Awday also has an album Prosper from 2018.

7. SG Blocks @sg-blocks

Track that put me onto SG Blocks: The Talk Different Instagram Video

SG Blocks has just released Cases over Caskets. I am looking forward to taking this in.

8. Glizzy Momo @glizzy.momo

Track that put me onto Glizzy Momo: Mr Put It On Freestyle

Glizzy Momo has a newest single and video is Make a Way. She also has a large collection of freestyles and videos on Youtube and Instagram. Interested to see a full length project from Glizzy Momo in the future.

9. 318Cha$e @318chase

Track that put me onto 318Cha$e: Front Back

Ruston LA emcee, got my attention with the obviously southern influence Front to Back single. He released an album with Jodye Fresco Overdue.

None of these artist recommendations come solicited.

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