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A Journey to Shao Lin

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The Journey to Shao Lin project/ Body of work started with an idea and a social media post on April 7, 2018. "Think I may do my very first Wutang themed blackbook piece." I mean I have drawn Wutang members before, the logo and themes, but never the entire group. The idea quickly grew from a single blackbook sketch to a full blown project.

The body of work quickly went from one sketch to 10 cartoon images, 10 collage illustrations. The more I dove into the discography the wider the project would become expanding to include stickers, magnets, sculpture.

Year two of the series would expand the series/project even further to include some Boots, a Record Player and a skate deck. After a conversation with a friend the illustration project would evolve into a note book idea with each image from the collages being displayed throughout the book.

As the illustrations came closer to completion year 3 would evolve into a second set of cartoon characters that would become stickers, posters and T-Shirts. This year would also bring about another skatedeck and the creation of 10 paintings.

The illustrations would be completed in the Summer of 2021, the design and layout completed and the proof copies of the booklets ordered. A Poster Booklet, A 6x9 lined Notebook, a 8x10 Dotted Sketchbook and a 12 Month Calendar, As I ramped up towards completion The paintings getting closer to completion, books on its way I would start the final two items of the collection. Another painting, this time a mixed media on paper and a sculpture.

The Completed set of illustrations:

Timelapse of the sketch that started it all:

Preview of the Illustrated Calendar

Preview of the Softcover Illustrated Notebook:

Preview of the Hardcover Illustrated Sketchbook:

Timelapse of the creation of the Year 2 Cartoons:

The canvases are in their final stages and am working on finalizing the shop details, pre orders for the Booklets and Calendars. For any inquiries or details feel free to contact me here.

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