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Album Review - Keaton Pineapple1

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

4th release from the Kingston artist in November, 2017.

I was excited to see that Keaton was at work at another project in the mid of last year, that excitement grew as I began to see the clever promo they released before the Release Party. It was a while from the time the album dropped until I was handed my Hard Copy. I had heard a few of the tracks prior to getting the album, and it spent some time on the CFRC 101.9 charts.

I always like to start with how the packaging was put together, take in the graphics and read the liner notes. I found the artwork very interesting, the pineapple mixed with the space concept. The track listing on the rear of the package includes 10 planets in a solar system arrangement, each track getting its own planet. Flipping to the inside the liner notes are clear and concise but lacking in information. From the thank yous, I assume that the majority of the production comes from a Rafael and Matt, though the Bandcamp only has Keaton listed. My favorite part of the packaging is the final quote;

"I don't know if we're spoiled or there's too many, but pineapples used to be expensive."

I noticed a logo on the back cover and the notes solidified that the Mastering of the album was done at Illnote Studios. I have been seeing that logo more and more, and quickly reassured me of the quality I can expect when I put the disc in.

The Album starts with "Repetitive" which seems to set the tone for the album. It is good to see an Artist keep to his style as he grows with the new twists and turns of Hip Hop. Keaton does this well with his new album. We are over 3 years between "Finally The Finale' and "Pineapple1." though you can hear similarities you can also feel the growth both in content and talent. I enjoyed this album and feel that I should have probably rated it a bit higher, this feels like an album that Ill come back to in a year and be like "I shoulda gave this one another 1/2." My favorite tracks on the album are "Real Right", "Rider" and "Buddha Man."

I have been following Keaton for a few years from stage shows, to albums to tours. It has been refreshing to see him grow as an artist and for me I feel that "Pineapple1' is a cusp album; by that I feel this album will be a turning point for Keaton, a leveling up. The one thing I always take away from Keaton's albums is that it makes me excited for the next project.

Currently on tour, and I am sure he will be continuing to hit the stage all summer I would suggest you catch him live and purchase a hard copy, some of them even come with tiny little souviners that have a nice little story to go with them, or jump online, the album is $7 on bandcamp. While you're there add a few more clicks and get the rest of the discography.

Article originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.

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