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Album Review - PremRock & Fresh Kils - Poet's Payday

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

2nd release from PremRock and FreshKils.

I heard about this album in March when it dropped and was looking forward to catching it. I have heard of Premrock before but never really taken any of his works in. PremRock is a New York Emcee who has a few releases on his Bandcamp and a previous work with Fresh Kils titled "Leave in Tact."

I enjoyed the bright colorful yet simple front of the album, or should I say EP. This release has 7 tracks and includes 5 features on the album. Features include Ice Tha One, DJ MO Niklz, Zilla Rocca Billy Woods, and DMC World Champion DJ Vekked.

The album starts with the Jazzy soulful track "Somebody Up There" which Prem flows over so nicely setting the album off nicely. Next the vibe is quickly switched up with the most anticipated track for me "Flamboyant." It is not very often you get to see Vekked on a track, and he doesn't disappoint here. I enjoy the vibe and the flow of the track with Prem and Billy Woods verses and was pleased to see how the group worked together to build one of my favorite tracks on the project. The album continues with what is probably my favorite track on the album "Bad Sign." The album continues with "FOD," "Gin Join," and ends with "Time Change."

I enjoyed this album the first time, and even more so as I listened to it as I painted. The project for me seemed to jump around a bit but for this EP, I think that it worked out. Low points for me is that it comes in just under 20 Minutes. This album for me feels like a teaser that will entice everyone to dig a little deeper and check out this Allstar cast. At $6 for the EP I think it is a great addition to the collection.

Originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.

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