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Album Review - Ransom : Se7en

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

New EP from Jersey rapper Ransom.

The newest EP from emcee Ransom. This EP delivers exactly what you would expect as a Ransom fan, and for those who may not know him; a quality project to jump into.

The artwork for the EP pairs perfectly with the title setting the scene, especially for anyone that has seen or is a fan of the major film of the same name. The 7 tracks, each named after one of the 7 Deadly Sins. There are 4 features over the 7 tracks but it works and does not come across as feature heavy. The Beat selection is the high point for me, and the tracks seem to work for me for both vibing to, working to or digging into the lyrics and details. I find with every pass on this album I am finding something new and leaves me wanting to cycle through it again.

  1. Envy Prod. Nicholas Craven.... It was comforting to see Nicholas Craven back to open the album. The two have worked often previously.

2. Gluttony prod. by V Don featuring Lloyd Banks... Possibly my favorite track on the album. It has been refreshing to see Lloyd Banks recent features and releases, as well as the quality he is bringing to the table.

3. Greed Prod Lord Sear featuring Royce 5'9... Royce and Ransom make a great pairing on this track.

4. Wrath Prod Chup the Producer... Another one of my favorite tracks on the album.

5. Lust Prod by 38 Spesh and Ransom Featuring IX Wulf... Been a fan of 38 Spesh for a while and he comes through on the beat here.

6. Sloth prod Chup the Producer featuring J. Arrr... I like how the beat and flow in this track is a bit more chill, slower matching the title of the track.

7. Pride produced by Ransom... I always like to see when emcees do some producing as well. A good track to round out the album.

A quality 7 track album that runs just under 23 minutes. Definitely worth a listen and is a good addition to any hip hop heads collection. I found it disappointing that there is no videos for any of the tracks from this album. A few other of Ransom's Albums worth checking out.


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