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Artist Overview - Fresh Kils

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

DJ/PRODUCER/LIVE PERFORMER, 1/2 of The Extremitites

I am not too sure when the first time I seen Fresh Kils on stage, or when we officially met, but I will tell you this: Fresh Kils is hands down the nicest dude in hip hop and by far a Canadian Hip Hop elite. To people that don't know him I refer to him as Canada's J Dilla, but these days he's just a guy you need to check out for yourself.

With just under 20 years in the game he has a pile of accolades from sharing the stage with some of Hip Hops best, Battle Championships, MIANS award and both JUNO and ECMA nominations. With this and all the skill and talent he has he remains humble and easy to approach.

He has worked with everyone from local Ontario emcees to the likes of M.O.P, Fabolous, The Alkaholiks, Kool G Rap, Pacewon, Pumpkinhead and more recently I hear Fashawn and REKS.

If you don't know Fresh Kils or his music I would suggest you stream, download, buy anything you can get your hands on...take that in. Then you need to go catch him on stage, catch his performance live. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Anytime I have ran into him I have purchased everything he has had trying to round out my Fresh Kils discography. Its hard to find out everything that Fresh Kils has done. Unable to find a complete list I have compiled what I have and the ones I know I'm Missing:

King Jus + Fresh Kils - Work Hard More or Les +Fresh Kils - The Les Kils EP

Mad Dukez + Fresh Kils - Gettin Gatsby Mad Dukez +Fresh Kils - Open Affairs EP

Dan Doesnt Sleep + Fresh Kils Remixes Fraction & Fresh Kils - Extra Science

Mega Ran +Fresh Kils + DJ DN3 - Notorious R The Extremities - Instruments

The Extremities - Re Fresh The Extremities - Uncle Fester Show

Relic - The 13th Floor

Yet to purchase:

The Extremities - New Tonic The Extremitites - Mint Condition

Mad Dukez + Fresh Kils - Monsters Emotionz + Fresh Kils - Childhoods Immortal

Fresh Kils - Routines Beat Tapes 1 & 2

I am sure I am missing some... @Freshkils

Originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.


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