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Artist Overview: KDB

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The Epic Journey of the Toronto Emcee

A new Album (Gamorrah) or the new Record Label venture (Tower City Records) might be where we are at now, but the Journey of "Krumple Dolla Bills" starts many years ago.

My introduction to KDB would unofficially go back to the late 90's underground hip hop scene. Honestly though, for a few years for me he was just a voice on a song, or a song on a homemade mixtape. It would be many years later that I would put the voice on the track or the underground hip hop group and KDB together. I was officially introduced to KDB through Babylon Warchild and fellow friend Legitimate. We would cross paths a few times at Toronto events but I believe it was the opportunity to put him on stage as part of Babylon Warchild at the 10th Anniversary Paint the Park Afterparty in Barrie Ontario where we official would meet.

Following the career of KDB can be an adventure of it's own, underground hip hop tends to have a very woven history. Though the players and the names tend to stay the same, the underground scene is littered with a variety of pairings, groupings and collective names.

From here, we will jump back to the beginning, to West End of Toronto, to Swansea Mews where KDB would get his start. At age 11 he would begin rapping and at 13 would form his first group, M.T.O.D. (More Than One Don).

It would be the 90's group Crooks of the Round Table where KDB and fellow collective members would get take off with "Day by Day, Knight by Knight." The group would go on to release a variety of tracks including "Mind Over Matter." "Passionate Stares." and "Stairway to Heaven." Other members of the group would be DJ Merlin (DJ Scream), Theft & Reckless (Young & The Reckless), Crookid, Agent Hi Toe, LexLuther, Zeus (Yatil Hassan) aka. Lance Alot, Veteran Investor, Adrenaline, Don Raja, (Criminal Shine), Dark Junior, Light Junior, The King Con, DJ Brown Cow.

Following Crooks of the Round Table, KDB would venture out releasing solo material and groups 'The Tribesmen' and "Poor Man Militia." Poor Man Militia would consist of KDB, Unknown Mizery, Yati Hassan, Bakra, Kaotny, Crucial the Gillotine, Govanna and Logikal Ethix. The group would be featured on DJ Stiltz' "Hitchhiker's Guide To Canadian Hip hop History" with the track "Victims." It is here that I imagine is the early stages of Babylon Warchild forming.

Street Muttz would form in 2003 with KDB working with DSG and MTM with tracks like "Street Muttz," "Locking Jaws" and most recently "Alpha Dawg."

Next would what for many would be the supergroup Babylon Warchild. The group would consist of DJ Stiltz, Unknown Mizery, Legitimate, KDB as well as Fresco P. The group would release three projects, Babylon Warchild LP, The GateKeepers and the most recent "The War Journals."

Many of the members of these groups would also be involved in the collective "Empty Handed Warriors."

With his involvement in so many influential groups, KDB's solo career is just as impressive. With a handful of early releases, mixtapes and albums, his official releases are:

Zion's Gates - 2006

10 Tracks tracks running just over 42 minutes. As the title suggests the album is more Reggae like than hip hop. I enjoy the album for something to chill to while I draw or paint. Favorite tracks for me are "Vendetta", "Freedom Fighter" and "Zion's Gate."

Soul Reaver - 2015

14 Track mixtape that includes remixes to "The R" and "Mecca" and DJ Grouch. Favorite tracks for me off this album is "Clover Street", "Mecca", "The Quickening" and "Aint Easy."

Kilo Delta Bravo - 2018

12 Tracks running under 40 minutes. The album features Que Roc, Dusty Wallace, Black Plague and Eso. I enjoyed this album as a whole, and a few tracks that stuck out for me was "Heart", Venumous 2" and "Gun That Dont Jam."

Raider of the Lost Ark Mixtape - 2019

31 minute single track mixtape that consists of unreleased tracks from working with the Arkeologist.

Children of the Ark - 2020

15 Tracks running almost 45 minutes. The Spotify from Bandcamp Edition having different release dates and missing the track "Tears of Death." This is one of my favorite albums from KDB. "Towers of Babel", "Bad Dreams: and "Death Cry" some of my favorites.

Within the Solace - 2020

14 Track project done with St. Peter running 43 minutes. A very solid project from start to finish. "Out of Nowhere," "Solaris," and "Authors of War" a few of my favorites.

Gomorrah - 2021

12 Track album with Ja Beats running just under 50 minutes and features Don Jon 600, Kaotny and Crispin Charles. KDB delivers with another solid project. As a writer of course I would gravitate to "In The Paint" but to be honest I enjoyed the project. Other tracks I liked were "Welcome," "Bullets Cry" and "Pandora."

I highly suggest you take the time and dig into the discography, the groups and the collaborations. KDB has been an important part to the Canadian Hip Hop scene.

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