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Artist Overview - The KnowMads

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

A group entrenched in Seattle's rich Hip Hop Underground Scene.

Seattle has always been a great place for music, and these guys are a must mention when discussing Underground Hip Hop in Seattle. I found out about The KnowMads in a round about way in 2009/2010.

The group was originally formed in 2006 while both Tom Pepe and Tom "Cheef" Wilson were in High School. They attended rival High School and would actively take part in rap battles that were held during football games. The early recording was done in Wilson's Attic. Their first project "Knowmads" was released while both were Juniors in High School and followed up with the Seattle LP in 2009.

The group has expanded over the last decade and others such as Jesse "Jester" Judd and Originate are often included as members of either the group or the 'Fam."

Their career consists of a pile of EPs, Mixtapes, Albums and solo projects that compile over a decade of the Knowmads journey up and down the Westcoast. They have their projects on itunes, bandcamp and many available for free download. I would suggest if you haven't already heard of them, to check them out. Seattle has a rich Underground scene, and The KnowMads will be either a great start or a nice addition to your already collection.


The Los Angeles Mixtape


Knowmadic Mixtape

Dominoes EP

Jet City EP

The Knewbook

Prologue EP

Rooftop EP

Present (Gift)

Bus Station

Fire Clowded Lights



Tom Pepe - CupaTea

Tom Pepe x Jesse Judd - Live Good

Tom Pepe - Feel Free

They are currently touring Europe, check their website for dates.

This article was originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.

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