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Artist Overview - YeloHill

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Stomping his way to putting West LA on the map.

Yelohill has an interesting story, a deep mixed heritage, a rich musical influence and a childhood behind the camera. Mix that together with the West LA Washington and Marvin area and you get a talented charismatic emcee with a unique flow and delivery.

Yelohill has been pretty active since he dropped "Gangsta' in 2017, A mixtape with fellow emcees Hittown and Mann "South on Pico" in 2018 and a long list of features and realeases on the West. The West LA Native has returned with his newest video "My Story."

The video follows the blueprint that Yelohill has been using in the past; shot, directed and edited in house by Hit Town, features and cameos of the fellow homies as Yelo lays out his story of being a Marvin Ave Gangsta Crip.

The video style plays really well with the content really allowing Yelohill to showcase his personality and versatility over the beat. It has been refreshing and interesting to watch his popularity grow, the videos and content he has been putting out, leaving you wanting a full length project from him. Until that happens there are a bunch of singles on Spotify, a handful of videos and features on Youtube and a mixtape out there as well.

Let me know what your favorite track or feature is below.

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