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Ice Cube - C.I.A. EP

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Ice Cube's original group C.I.A (Cru In Action) single from 1987.

Before N.W.A. there was the C.I.A. which consisted of teenagers Ice Cube, Sir Jinx and K-Dee. This album is heavily influenced by the Eastcoast and reminds me of the Beastie Boys rapping about Crenshaw and Jheri Curls. It was through this and Sir Jinx that Cube would meet and become part of N.W.A.

Everyone knows Cube's story but Sir Jinx would leave Ruthless with Cube and go on to become a very popular Westcoast Producer working on much of Cube's first 5 Albums, Yo-Yo's albums and would become a member of The Maad Circle. Jinx is also credited as the first Westcoast Producer to produce for an Eastcoast Album (Kool G Rap - Live and Let Die). After the Lethal Injection album, Jinx would distance himself from Cube producing more R&B acts such as Gerald Levert, Bel Biv Devoe and Isaac Hayes. In the late 90s he returned to the West to help produce for Xzibit and Kurupt and would be scheduled to help on Dre's Detox album. He also produced "Life in California" for Ice Cube which was their first time working together in 17 years.

K-Dee also known as Kid Disaster would be included in Ice Cube's Lench Mob and would go on to be featured on a variety of Westcoast albums over the years.

This EP, well I should say Single consists of the vocal and instrumentals of "My Posse", "Jus 4 The Cash" and "ill-legal."

I remember digging and digging for this over the years eventually having to settle for the digital versions. I compiled the vocals online and later the complete EP.

Article originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.


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