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New Albums to Check Out.

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Cee - Relentless

The newest release from the Canadian claimed Aussie Emcee Cee. Cee has released a handful of official projects as well as a mixtape series under The Movement Fam. The newest album "Relentless' is showing how the camp is growing as a team, 'catching their stride,' raising the bar not only for the camp, but the quality of projects being released. We see the return on long time Artist Joshua Telfer with the concept, design and layout for the album. Known for creating the imagery from the ground up, this cover he is responsible for both the logo creation to the carving of the wood that would be used in the photography. (There is a great segment in the Bad Habits Podcast: Relentless Unpacked.) The album consists of 12 tracks and would feature Myer Clarity, Notion, Caleb Hart, The BLK LT$, D'Eve Archer, Jonathan Emile and Bonfire. I really enjoyed the feel of the album of the mix between the tracks and interludes that take you from the early days in Australia all the way up to the current project. It has been fun to watch and listen to the rise of TMF, the thought and time put into each project down to the finest details.

Eternia & Rel McCoy - Free EP

Free brings together two Canadian Phenom's; Juno winning Producer Rel McCoy and Juno Nominated Eternia. This is Eternia's 'return to hip hop' showing just why 'your favorite rapper wears a skirt." This 12 track LP consists of features from Wordsworth, SHEAL, Manny, Mr. Lif, Pheonix Pagliacci, Eliki, Rel McCoy and Shad. I have been a fan of Rel and Eternia for quite a while, Canadian Legends with that midas touch. I was excited to see the promo for this album and even more pleased with the delivery and quality of the project.

Yelohill & Steelz - LA IsNot Safe

The newest release from Yelohill and Steelz, the followup to Yelohill's 'Pain Music". This album consists of 9 tracks and includes 'Westside', 'Christopher Columbus' and 'It Happened in LA." Steelz is behind the majority of the production on the album and features emcees ComptonAV and RJMrLA. I stumbled upon Yelohill a while ago and it has been enjoyable following the rise and the work ethic of him and the artists he normally works with Steel, Hittown etc.

The Alchemist - This Thing of Ours 2

I have been a fan of Alchemist since his Mudfoot days. This EP continues to deliver with 5 tracks featuring Mavi, Mike, Bruiser Brigade, Zeloopers and Vince Staples.

Dom Kennedy - From the West With Love 3

One of my favorite slept on artists, Dom Kennedy continues the From the West With Love series with the third installment. 15 track album with features from Quentin Miller, True Whitaker, Kay Franklin, MyGuyMars, Frank, TeeFLii, and Bryan Roberts.

Planet Asia - Rule of Thirds

Always been a fan of Planet Asia, his work ethic alone is something to be impressed by, he tends to drop between 3 to 5 albums a year. Even from the time that this album has came out until now, he has released another project. I was excited to see this project from Planet asia who completed the project with production solely from Evidence of Dilated Peoples. 13 tracks that include features from Domo Genesis, Rome Streetz, Milano Constantine, and Evidence himself.


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