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Opio - Triangulation Station

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

First solo album of the Hieroglypics member, 1/4 of The Souls Of Mischief. Released in Feb 2005

Opio has appeared on all six of the Souls of Mischief Albums, all three of the Hieroglyphics albums and a variety of other EPs and albums. Triangulation Station would be the first solo project from Opio.

The history of Hieroglyphics would date all the way back to 1991 with Del Tha Funky Homosapien's "I Wish My Brother George was Here." After getting dropped from their label the group would focus on touring and website sales to build the empire Hiero is today.

The 17 track album would consist of various Hiero members, Souls of Mischief as well as Pigeon John, Planet Asia, Rasco and Roc Raida.

I remember waiting for this to come out, unwrapping it and having my first listen in the car. As a Hiero fan this is a necessity, to any Westcoast heads a must have and a great ad to the collection for any other hip hop fan.

Opio has gone on to release a few more albums including some work with Equipto and Free The Robots.

Article originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.


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