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DJ Quik - Quik Is The Name

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Debut album from DJ Quik released on Profile, Jan. 15, 1991

As a West Coast head myself I can remember owning the cassette of this when I discovered it. Over the years through the cassette, purchasing the CD and now with streaming this has always had a pretty steady rotation in my playlists.

This album is the first studio release from the West Coast producer DJ Quik. The album was recorded throughout 1990 in Los Angeles, California with a small budget of $30,000. At the time DJ Quik was the highest paid artist on Profile, being the frist artist with a 6 figure deal. Though originally the album was only meant to be a hood mixtape it would eventually go Platinum.

The album has become a Classic and a staple in any Hip Hop heads collection. It is here that we are not only introduced to Quik's production style that will go on to become Iconic but also a variety of artists that will pop up throughout Quik's career. A few of these artists are AMG, 2nd II None and Hi-C.

A few highlights of the album for me are "Tonite", "Quik Is The Name", and "Born And Raised In Compton."

This article was originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian as part of the Hip Hop Daily series.

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