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Single - Evil Ebenezer "Fade Away"

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

First single from the newest album from Evil Ebenezer "Bandit."

The 2nd single from Evil Ebenezer's 11th release "Bandit."(I think, 1st single was "Running on Empty" and albums are "Call Me Evil", "The Wanderer", "Evil Eye", "Widows Creek", "ZZbra", "The Birds", "Howl", "Cultus", "Penguin EP", "Kush Ups" and now "Bandit.")

The beat starts slow and somber as Evil comes in soft with the hook. It builds as the beat drops and hes off with his signature flow and deep close to heart content.

"Thought I'd be young forever, but then I turn to grey." resonates with me along with much more in this track. The visuals for this track are fantastic as well, the quality right up there where we expect an Evil Ebenezer video to be at.

I highly suggest you check out the video, stream the track and go buy the album...while youre at it scoop up some new gear.

Article originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.

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