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Single - iLLvibe - Lets Get Rich

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

day or two after "Wokelahoma" gets previewed, A day before the Album "Antigravity" drops we take a look at Lets Get Rich w/ Jenna Nation.

A day or two after a few guest appearances, radio and television, a preview of the second single "Wokelahoma", a day before the album release party in Toronto we take a look at "Let's get Rich" which is approaching 25K streams on Spotify and over 10K on Youtube and I think about 40K on facebook.

The track was produced by Myer Clarity and mixed at IllNote Studios and the two artists on the track mesh nicely over the fun refreshing beat. The video is put together wonderfully by Rubicon Pictures & Media, and includes some great imagery throughout as the characters of the video get paid, and well get even, the catchy hook says it all "let's make lots of money, let's pile it all up, they can take nothing from you, why I don't give a fuck."

iLLvibe's newest release "Antigravity" is scheduled to drop on 4/20/18 from Heavy Aux and Fontana North. This project has been strongly based in community and charity. This album has been built around #ElevateEveryone where proceeds will go to Charity Water ( as well as the proceeds of the release party in Toronto going to a local Women's charity.

I suggest you check out the video and on the 20th not only should you check out the album on Spotify but you should if you are anywhere close to Toronto, be at the release party. I am looking forward to having a good time with some Worldclass Humans and a Live band. In the words of iLLvibe " We celebratin' on the Boulevard" come join us.

Article originally posted on The Hip Hop Librarian.

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